2018 les plus populaires Mme Toc Beadz 'Teenager' Red Bead Bracelet 4SAHKxms

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Description du produit

This bracelet is a blend of red hues which will make any teenager smile. Beads include: * Handbag Dangle Bead * Corset Dangle Bead * Bra Dangle Bead * Crystal Set Beads The bracelet is 20cm long so there is room for your wrist inside it even if the chunky beads take up space. We have a full range of these fab bracelets so dont be the only one without one

And whats more we sell the beads separately so you can choose some of your own and design the bracelet yourself by adding some more beads to it

Your Branded TOC Beadz Bracelet is made of base metal and care should be taken when wearing it to avoid tarnishing. Base metal can be affected by: *Water - if you shower with it or wash up with it etc *Sweat - if you exercise etc with the bracelet *Aerosols - perfumes deodorants after shave etc *Chemicals - such as sprays polish or cleaning materials *Body acids - natural acids present in the body react with the metal This is not a manufacturing fault but rather the reaction of certain liquids and chemicals with the base metal’s natural properties. Please be aware of these factors which could react with the metal and cause it to tarnish and take care to avoid these problems so that you have many happy hours of wear. Please be aware that this bracelet does not include a locking bead and can be purchased seperately


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